Сonverse x Kim Jones Chuck '70
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Awake NY

Awake NY - founded in 2012 by Angelo Bacque the brand represents a contemporary evolution of streetwear. Angelo is the creator behind the brand with 10 years of work experience in Supreme and now developing new values and vision for Awake NY. [read more] Growing up in a multicultural New York city, values what he stands for and the `90 streetwear scene created a brand as we know it today. Bright colors and graphic prints are distinctive features of the brand, inspired by DIY and hip-hop culture. Youth-driven brand celebrates and popularizes historical persons who have influenced the culture in a very understandable way for the public - using prints on T-shirts. The range includes basic sportswear and streetwear, as well as accent classics. Awake NY isn’t just a brand, it’s a call to “Awake” and everyone can interpret in their own way.

Read about streetwear evolution on ITK's blog.
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