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Revisiting The Academy of Art

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In search for an alternative means of communication we are bringing in a new form of product presentation. We have teamed up with the friendly project Volga Vintage, a vintage clothes shop in Riga, to present the items from the 2019 Spring/Summer collections available in-store and on the ITK website. Yes, you read that right. In our fresh photoshoot you will find things and combinations from two projects that are absolutely separate from each other and are completely different in how they are wired and the mood they carry with them.

While the contribution of ITK includes clothes, footwear and accessories from some relevant collections, Volga Vintage Store demonstrates their own thoroughly chosen assortment. The role of the stylist in this act of collaboration was taken on by the founder of Volga Vintage Store, big lover of vintage clothing and recognized researcher in the field of second-hand fashion and vintage markets Sergey Hatanzeisky. At some point we will return to Sergey's persona and his story, though this will happen a bit later.

Here, 8 outfits tell a story that is rather uncommon for a retail project but so matter-of-fact and applicable to real life: a successful combination of items from different eras, price ranges and stylistic decisions. The result of bringing such polar opposites together is the photoshoot under the title of Revisiting The Academy of Art

Among featured brands are: Daily Paper, Suicoke, Sun Buddies, Drôle de Monsieur, NASASEASONS, Human With Attitude, Universal Works, Stussy, Hoka One One, IDEA, Bronze 56k.

Styling: @hatanzeysky

Photo: @ydavydova


A journey into the comfort zone
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