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Girls & Longsleeves


If we decide to believe trend forecasting agencies, then the future of the fashion industry should transfer into hands of genderless shoppers. Today we witness femininity enter the world of menswear. This particular fashion tendency is super current. On the other hand, masculinity in a form of menswear brands and traditional man’s wardrobe pieces, have settled in women’s closets a while ago. Contemporary menswear store ITK is a living proof of that garment migration, and our new editorial is just an extra confirmation of our belief that fashion is fluid and pieces are universal.

We have invited seven girls to take part in this editorial. Each one embodies current, active and contemporary lifestyle that we share.

Artist manager @nayakuprina - Good Morning Tapes The Goddess is Dancing LS

Instagram model and influencer @diana_korkunova - GMT Dance With the Plants OG LS

Fashion designer @mariayurko - Good Morning Tapes Transmission LS

Chanteuse @annazosimova - Aries Warriors LS

Painter @riakacharava - Polythene Optics LS03 Metal Rod LS

DJ @katosina - Polar Skate Co Angry Stoner LS

Hair stylist @photosynthez - Daily Paper Fang LS 


A journey into the comfort zone
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