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Q&A: Peter Kolks


What did you have for dinner? 

I actually had a pretty late lunch at my favourite place in Amsterdam called Foodware, its owned by Sander, a friend of mine and Hugo Snelooper, who does a lot of our photography also works there in the kitchen.  Its the best spot for both lunch and dinner I'll guarantee you that!

My dinner will probably be a typical Dutch sandwich with peanut butter... Fresh bread till I'm dead, ha!

Name reasons we should visit your hometown?

Well for one it would be Foodware, haha. Other than that its just the best city in the world man!

I am not orginally from Amsterdam, but I have been here for a long time and really consider it home now. I love it. Its not as big as London or Paris, very good to bike around in, has beautiful architecture, a great skate scene, music scene, art scene, its all just flourishing if you ask me. Just good people and good vibes.

24 hours in Amsterdam. Local tips.

Foodware, Zeedijk which is kinda like our Fairfax Avenue now, with all relevant shops, but also some very good Asian food. NOORD the new skatepark on Amsterdam's North side (other side of the river), the Skatecafe, which sounds kinda corny, but is one of the best places to go out in Amsterdam, again great vibes, good people. Errhhmm, if you wanna skate in Spring and Summer hit Olympiaplein, thats where a lot of the locals skate. Its like the training facility, we host a skate session there every Wednesday evening in Summer with Pop Trading Co, Ben-G and Converse CONS.

If you had opportunity to spend 1 hour with any celebrity who would it be?

Probably Jerry Seinfeld, seems like a guy with a good outlook on life.

Tell us a secret about you?

Its not really a secret if you know me, but I got a small case of OCD I think, haha. I need structure around me to keep my sanity.

3 latest menswear purchases you’ve made?

Some spicy old man moccasin's in Manchester by a brand called Arcus ? A Ralph Lauren Patchwork cap, its dope for summer and some Parra socks, made in Japan, they are sweet!  

What are 3 brands that influenced you most of all?

When looking at Pop its definitely Droors Clothing and DC Shoes in their early stages, or Elwood or Aesthetics, like mid 90's stuff, when I grew up skating.

I am also a big fan of what Engineered Garments are doing or the whole vibe of Our Legacy's operation. Then again I really get inspiration from children's clothing, some kids look very good these days.

3 songs to became soundtrack of your live?

So much to choose from, haha, it always changes, but for now on heavy rotation:

Accordion - Madvillain;

Virginia - Clipse;

Careless Whisper - George Michael

To be ITK means… ?

Knowing what you are doing and where you want to go. Hopefully bringing something positive to the people around you. Creating and sharing, I reckon thats what its about in life, thats all I need to know ;)


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