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Nigel Cabourn

The brand's focus is on carefree attitude: within one and the same collection post-apocalypse may go hand in hand with heavy metal and surfing. Rich decorative elements feature comical prints, thus appealing to kitsch and projecting a new vision of elegance. Nigel Cabourn collects military- and workwear from all over the world, which gives him food for thought in making his own clothes famous for their durability and longevity. That’s what the vintage of the future looks like, while the best heritage is made under the supervision of a master with 50 year-long experience. The brand under the [read more]same name comes in 3 lines: Authentic – reinvented items from archives of workwear; Army – wardrobe basics; Lybro – an interpretation of the traditional workwear. Made in Great Britain, all the products are a limited edition and embody both traditions and the legacy of functional anti-fashion. “Fashion industry doesn't seem to be preoccupied with longevity of clothes any more. Our clients, though, buy a lot of our products. They know that they will prove durable in terms of design and quality. It feels good to know that we make some kind of vintage of the future”, says Nigel.


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