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KEEN products bring you the answer to three rather important questions, the first being whether or not sandals are suitable for the city, the second - whether or not sandals can look relevant, and the third - whether or not sandals can supply sufficient protection for the foot. The answer to all the above is a certain yes! The first models of the Californian brand KEEN were developed for water sports and outdoor activities, which is why their unique trait is a reinforced toe. This perk allows for the protection of the toes from external effects as well as for the resistance of the footwear itself to the effects of wear and tear. The model considered with absolute certainty to be the most universal and one of the most famous of all is Uneek. This technological novelty is the crossover between sandals and trainers - a firm but flexible upper part, a sports-oriented sole with a tight grip and orthopedic inner sole are the key components of this model. You have just one decision left to make - with or without the socks?
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