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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments is currently one of the more profound modern brands that to a great extent defines one of the core features of men's fashion - the interpretation of the classic style and a man's formal look. Above all, their work is done with great concentration and effort typical of Japan. The brand's founder and designer Daiki Suzuki handles his job perfectly like no other. When items from Engineered Garments reach the customers, they come with an indispensable feeling that they were made by an engineer rather than by a designer - this is explained by how accurately each item is made and a pedantic approach to details. It is this mindset that gave the brand its name. Clothes by Engineered Garments are thought out and developed to the best they can be. Simply looking items actually have a complex structure behind them from the original idea to the final product. Now, add some first-class materials and the lively interest and creativity of the team to the mix. Made in the USA.
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