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Recipe: Johnyboy

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Long winter nights are for being at home and diving into your greatest passion either surrounded by family and friends or, if you can afford it, in the comfort of being all by yourself. Today's hero, Riga-based hip-hop artist JOHNYBOY, totally can.

Born Deniss Vasilenko, the musician returned to the big game in 2018. New releases, video clips, millions of YouTube views, appearances on Yuriy Dud's show and MTV are just a hint of what he has accomplished in the last few months. Denis is a longtime visitor to the ITK store and so it made sense to collaborate with him and get to know him even better. 

The ITK team has created an array of cozy outfits from relevant collections that will deliver an epic level of comfort and a striking appearance. Each one is based on classic streetwear silhouettes brought to you by the recognised maestros: Stüssy, Carhartt WIP, Aime Leon Dore, adidas Originals and Polar. Meanwhile, Denis has given us his tips on having a good time and cooking some risotto. By the way, the featured looks will be equally suitable for wearing at home and going out. 

Now, to cooking salmon risotto. You will need: 

- Arborio rice; 

- Beef stock cubes; 

- Paprika, oregano, black pepper, salt; 

- Olive oil; 

- Salmon fillet; 

- Parmesan; 

- Spinach, asparagus, cherry tomatoes; 

- A drink of your choice. (We chose white wine.)

The cooking part couldn't get much simpler, for nothing can really go wrong with this recipe. Don't forget the good mood and perseverance and you're all set! 

The warm days are getting closer.

Happy eating.  

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A journey into the comfort zone
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