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Brotherhood: Nikolay Solodnikov

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The chance to be the focus of the Brotherhood section goes to our own clients. Getting to know our clients better, when all works out, eventually develops into warm relationships and even friendships. First up in this series is our guest Nikolay Solodnikov, founder and torchbearer behind such projects as the quickly growing YouTube channel «Ещенепознер» and the public education project «Открытая библиотека», as well as host of the travel TV-show «Орел и Решка: Семья» and fan of British brand Universal Works.

Inherently British, Universal Works is inspired by working class environment its founder David Keyte was growing up in. With over 20 years of experience gained at the likes of Paul Smith and Maharishi, David set about making his own clothing line based on heritage aesthetics reinterpreted according to contemporary needs. Championing skilled, small-scale operations, Universal Works creates hard-wearing everyday garments with casual classiness and modern fits.

We offered Nikolay the chance to take part in a photo session demonstrating items from a fresh collection by Universal Works, available in-store and on the ITK website. An extra bonus to the text is an exclusive promo code from Nikolay Solodnikov for the ITK store! One week only! Use the code «ЕЩЕНЕПОЗНЕР» for a 30% discount on a blazer and a pair of trousers made from Indian fabric Seersucker, a popular summer fabric that has become a symbol of chivalry in southern regions.


A journey into the comfort zone
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