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2019 has just arrived and here is some good news from us! From now on all ITK customers can get an exclusive ADED X ITK sticker pack by purchasing either from our off-line or on-line stores. As simple as that!

ADED (All Day Every Day) is a Moscow-based creative team embracing various generations of the city's graffiti culture. SPACER, JUICE, COZEK, CAPTEK, or "guys from the sticker", as they are known, interact and get involved in the megapolis' cultural life. These names featured on square shaped stickers are familiar to everyone who has ever been to Moscow. And not only: ADED have left a noticeable mark in almost every capital, such as Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York. Riga is on this list as well. The team's communication with urban environment spreads far beyond the activities traditionally associated with those of any graffiti community. ADED has under its belt Faces & Laces, one of the biggest exhibition interactive projects on modern urban culture, the brand's own merch as well as collaboration with KM20 and Off-White.

ITK X ADED have been working on joint projects for some time already. It's not just the number of years that matters, though. It's being in line with the basic subculture principles, seeking to create things by ourselves, close lifestyles and preferences that bring us together. The idea of collaboration is not a new one, but its implementation has just taken off. Having started with ADED X ITK stickers, we are at the beginning of a long journey we both hope to enjoy. For you the ADED X ITK sticker pack is a great chance to keep track of our project while taking a real part in it! 

On top of that, you can download our ADED X ITK wallpaper for your smartphone. To do that just click on the link or use the image below.

In the Know All Day Every Day!



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