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Summer-friendly jackets

Six lightweight jackets

The days when shoes were main assets in men’s wardrobe are gone. Shoes are no more a symbol of good taste and indicator of any certain lifestyle. Perhaps, the only item that has not compromised itself in the world of contemporary menswear is a jacket. Indeed, jacket can tell about his owner as much as his car or watches.

We strongly believe, that the best time for jackets are warm spring-summer months. Sounds strange but it is true. Admit, that only during this short period you are able to enjoy your garment instead of using it as protection from the elements. Besides a jacket you buy in spring or summer will come in handy in early autumn. Well, you should definitely think about it. Below you will find six jackets from ITK selection, that will work in all above mentioned situations.

Patta Slope Fleece Jacket

First of all, you should understand, that Patta is one of the most influential brands in contemporary world, that deserves special attention. Why? Because of their experience and great impact on the fashion industry, skill to create unique mood and strong identity, brand from Amsterdam has earned great reputation in the world of streetwear. It seems to be easy - modern silhouettes and eye-catching identity. But only 15 stores worldwide are honored to present Patta product and ITK is one of them. For us personally Patta is another name for streetwear. 

Patta Slope Fleece Jacket is inspired by vintage skiing jackets and has adopted their unusual construction. On the shoulders you will find nylon panels featuring signature Patta pattern Liger Camo. To our taste this garment is versatile: perfect choice for travelling, walking, going out, showing your excellence and super powers… everything that Amsterdam is to offer you. And one more bonus - soft and warm fleece, which can protect you from light rain.

A.P.C. Smith Denim Chore Jacket Indigo

A.P.C. denim jacket is a gem of  ITK summer collection. With flow of time this jacket will become only better. 100%. Not afraid to say that it is a real investment. You are more likely to get tired of it, rather than it will wear out or go out of fashion. It is a perfect example of chore jacket, inspired by French workwear. Parisian chic as it is.

Garment is produced from japanese denim and has metal buttons. We are not afraid to sound boring, but this item is all-purpose solution and will become a perfect base for your summer wardrobe. And those attentive to the details will be especially happy.

Ralph Lauren Repel Jacket

Special garment from special brand. Everything you need to know about Ralph Lauren Repel Jacket, you can read down the link below. In brief: it will make you feel confident, even if you are already confident. Frankly speaking, it will make you unbeatable.

Ralph Lauren Barracuda

In the case of Barracuda Cotton Twill Jacket it doesn’t matter if you are fond of good clothing or not. Classic Harrington is appropriate anywhere and anytime, in any circumstances and in any wardrobe. Classic Harrington is all about your favourite movies, celebrities and style icons. It is history, it is masculinity as it is, and last but not least is is how the success looks like.

Patagonia Torrentshell

Patagonia Torrentshell is a black suit of the street wear and outdoor world. It is an icon that was approved by professional sportsmen, picky customers, people with strong sense of beauty and retailers. Patagonia Torrentshell is neat, intellectual, functional and never boring. Bearing in mind the main production principles of this American brand who is pioneer in protection of the environment, you get perfect mix of product qualities. This windrunner is produced in compliance with all ethical principles. H2No® material is breathable and waterproof at the same time. Due to ripstop technology the jacket is durable and tear-proof. Well, it has plenty of advantages. That is why you can always find this jacket in our store and see us wearing it. For extra confidence, we suggest you co-ord it with Torrentshell trousers.

Alpha Industries MA-1 TT

Alpha Industries MA-1 was designed for U.S. Air Forces pilots in the middle of 1950s and meets its functions straightforwardly. A true jacket of special purpose. Original version was upgraded and resulted in modern variant of MA-1 TT. The new jacket had no disadvantages. Always fits perfectly, keeps you warm, protects from wind and rain. Note, light version of MA-1 jacket is №1 choice by those who are fond of bombers in summer months.


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