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Q&A: Pontus Alv

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What did you have for dinner?

I had chicken with couscous. It was chicken for sure. Chicken breast at the W Hotel in Miami.

Name reasons we should visit your hometown?

Malmö - it is a legendary place. We've got a lot of cool skate spots. If you are not skater you might have not so much fun there. But if you are a skater, come! It’s great for skating.

If you had opportunity to spend 1 hour with any celebrity who would it be?  

Hmmm... Leonardo DiCaprio. We will just hangout. Have some drinks, talk some shit. 

Tell us a secret about you? 

My life is a wide open book. There are no secrets.

3 latest menswear purchases you’ve made?

I’ve made Gucci Reversible Acetate Bomber and Gucci Rhyton Leather Sneaker last night. And before I believe that was Birkenstock beach sandals.

What are 3 brands that influenced you most of all?

I love anything from World Industries. The whole Rocco Family. Everything that was created under his brand. From Plan B to Blind. World Industries, SMA, Liberty

Talking about menswear brands, I don’t really know what’s going on there. To be honest I don’t know that much about that planet. It’s random… Just exploring the Instagram. Generally I’m looking a lot of girls clothing, girls without clothing… or girls like the total Tomboy looks. I love to discover the way girls dress. I think they do it the way more fun and colorful, they have more cool stuff to wear. I’m even a kind of jealous that men don’t have that much options. You can see it in my stuff color palette. We are using non-traditional colors for men. It’s quite unisex.

3 songs to became soundtrack of your live?

Overall I will say:

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Joy Division - Atmosphere

DJ Cassidy all day long... 

It depends. I like a lot of different weird music. I can’t name it all. It should be a full playlist for hours.

To be ITK (in the know) means…?

Nowadays that means trying just be happy, try to stay positive. It’s to much shit going on in the World. Not to get mental depression by all of this.


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