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Science-fiction shooter by ITK

ITK production presents: Science-fiction shooter.
Place setting: Riga, 2017, the menswear shop in Meyerowitz boulevard.
The ITK shop customers, specimen of the outstanding aesthetic sensitivity, leaving the shop and flooding the streets of the city. The locals, deeply impressed, start the pursuit of the images seen.
Editorial is homage of the classical colour palette and 80-es cut, filled with references to Stussy, Garbstore, Polar, Aimé Leon Dore, Ralph Lauren and Thames London.


- Polar Skate Co. striped longsleeve
- Ralph Lauren rugby longsleeve, a must have piece for every man’s wardrobe
- Polar Skate Co. jeans for big boys
- Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt, burgundy autumn, with the world known logo in blue
- Garbstore fleece jackets, inspired by outdoor outfits


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