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Thames London

Introducing a new brand in ITK store

In London on the bank of river Thames there is a place, well known among street- and skate culture enthusiasts and since recently - fashion adepts, iconic skate spot Southbank, right in the undercroft of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. 40 years ago european skateboarding culture was born here. Today it is the place where skills are mastered by those, who influence this culture right now. For example, Palace Skateboards team and their all time leader Blondey McCoy.

He is only 20 but already has many titles on his list: honored pro-skater, sponsored by Palace and adidas, artist with number of successful exhibitions, popular model, founder and mastermind of brand Thames London.

Called after river Thames, brand was founded in 2015 and only within couple of years has come a long way: placements in top media, recognition by opinion leaders, presence in brand lists of respected retail projects and collaboration with legendary British brand Fred Perry. Put simply, impressive results in such a short time. DNA of Thames consists of love for England and London, passion for DIY and punk rock, mocking pop culture and, of course, skateboarding. Thames London is more than contemporary British art by “king of youth”, it is homage to the heritage of nation.

Well-balanced concept, unconventional approach to prints, modern silhouettes and honest attitude towards creative process. Lady and gentlemen, please welcome Thames at ITK store! We just want to note that autumn drop will be available only in 12 stores worldwide. Perhaps there is no better word for it than “exclusive”.


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