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Très Bien x Polar

The collaboration of the year

Who would have thought that a small swedish town Malmo will become one of fashion centers of Europe. Several years ago you would never imagine it, but today it is already unquestionable, you just need to accept it. Here in Malmo two brands are based, that don’t go off the radar of biggest fashion media - Très Bien and Polar. Fashion magazines has already called their collection “the collaboration of the year”.

The concept of their work is based on nostalgia on 70s and represent the best from both of them: perfect minimalism by Très Bien and personal attitude towards design by Polar. The key styles of the collection - short cord jacket and wide pants with piping - show the highest level of craftsmanship of Très Bien team, that skilfully adopt traditional silhouettes to the modern tendencies. In charge of the graphics of the project was Polar founder Pontus Alv. Graphics of the collection was inspired by Polar skate team: Paul Grund, parisian Roman Gonzalez and Dane Brady. They also participated in the shooting of the lookbook.

Très Bien x Polar is a collection of unique items, that can be appreciated only by those who know. We are happy to be among the best shops in the world who are honored to present this collection to customers. Shop it at ITK.


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