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A brief history of the t-shirt

Today it’s beyond any doubt that a t-shirt is an everyday essential: versatile, sustainable, widespread, unisex. You can build not only your look around a t-shirt, but your whole wardrobe. Besides, this t-shaped item is the easiest way to communicate to the world your position on any matter.

It is not a secret, that originally a tee was an undergarment. Initially the underwear for men looked like a traditional one-piecer that later was divided into two parts: body shirt and drawers. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, appeared first t-shirts that looked exactly as we see them today. Long sleeves of the shirt became shorter because of sailors - so that they didn’t sweat under waterproof overalls. By the end of the Second World War t-shirts became part of official military equipment of US army. After leaving military service, men took t-shirts with them - that is why very soon this item has become very popular among representatives of developing working class.

Great impact on popularity of t-shirt as an everyday essential had the film industry, of course. Heroes of 50s, Marlon Brando and James Dean, often appeared in movies in white t-shirts. Eye-catching, cheap and comfy t-shirt has obtained status of fashion icon and never lost it ever since.

By the beginning of 60s t-shirt has become not only essential garment but an instrument for self expression. During his presidential campaign Eisenhower used t-shirts with slogans, musicians started producing merch for their bands, hippie invented tie-dye. Since then everyone has at least one t-shirt in a closet regardless of social status and lifestyle.

In 80s first street wear brands appeared. Many of them started with a small collection of t-shirts. Thanks to t-shirts we know such brands as Fucking Awesome and Bronze 56K, Civilist and Call Me 917, RIPNDIP and Stussy. This list doesn’t have an end.

T-shirt has become one of the symbols of modern culture and is irreplaceable for both male and female wardrobe. There is nothing easier to find a good match for a t-shirt. New trends and finishes give you million of opportunities to adopt it to your style. And we don’t even mention the diversity of colors. This summer ITK has more than 150 designs of t-shirts and, as you already know, the further - the more.


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