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Lunch essentials

All-purpose chili sauces

British South Devon Chilli Farm produces perhaps the best hot sauces from locally grown chilli peppers. Striking variety of flavours and scents, heat rating and natural ingredients make it possible for everyone to find a perfect sauce from the South Devon Chilli Farm.

On the top of that, sauces SDCF are good with everything: you can add them to burgers and french fries, top a slice of pizza or dress a salad - everything depends only on your creativity and courage.

Recently we at ITK have received South Devon Chilli Farm chilli oil. Absolutely multi-purpose ingredient that can be added while frying, dressing and even to your mornings toasts. Besides, we have restocked two atomic positions: Ghost Sauce with heat scale 10/10 and Scorpion with 11 out of 10 points. Caution hot!


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