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Très Bien Homme

Spring/Summer 17 collection in the ITK store

Très Bien Homme is a clothing line from Sweden launched by the retailer in 2014. This season Très Bien Homme's collection became available to retailers, and ITK is one of the first to offer their best items based on our personal preferences.

The shop Très Bien was started by brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman, Björn Lindén and Jakob Törnberg in the small Swedish town Malmö in 2006. Amongst its main highlights is a selection of brands and items that brings high-fashion clothing together with street style products like Nike Air Max and custom print T-shirts. Today, as this trend spreads globally, Très Bien stays loyal to its ways and the Très Bien Homme line is becoming a logical extension to the brand's character.

It's worth noting that the team behind Très Bien Homme had seen a remarkably long journey before the brand's creation. In partnership with Our Legacy, they created the Welcome merch; there have also been collaborations with Common Projects and Stussy, and their own shades brand Sun Buddies. Très Bien Homme was only launched after all this excess of an experience, and features 13 male items: T-shirts, jerseys, trousers and several engineered-fibre coats.

Très Bien Homme has already launched around 90 items for the Spring/Summer 17 season, and the rich background of the designers has allowed them to approach the designing process with great accuracy. In other words, where the team would choose factorial fabrics and only work on templates and graphics, now everything from Très Bien Homme is made from exquisite material made especially for the Swedish brand. Fabrication is also done in multiple venues.

Having carefully appreciated the high level of Très Bien Homme, we present a selection of the most impressive pieces from Spring/Summer 17. The main pearl to us was the Très Bien Short Parka in its unusual plum colour; coat Zip Blouson the Tech Gilet jacket look good in combination and on their own. The double sided sweatshirt Très Bien Reversed Sweater is original and comes in a good colour scheme. Amongst all else you'll find fully universal stuff like a zip collared sweatshirt, excellent quality dark trousers and a common and curiously sure-to-fit suit. The choice is yours.


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