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South Devon Chilli Farm

Hot sauces from the best varieties of chilli

Our interests in clothing are reflected in what we sell at our shop. We sell exactly what we wear ourselves, and it is this which makes our work so sincere. Practically any item from our shop can be pictured perfectly on one of us, and that's a powerful criterion of choice. But a shop for us isn't just a retail project bounded by product categories, matrices and any other templates. It's a lifestyle. Probably, the only possible lifestyle for our goals and ideas. And so it's natural for us to want to share this lifestyle - that surrounds us all the time in life - with you. Many years ago we discovered the multi sided, simple and, for us, straightforward Baxter of California, brought it to the shop, went to Florence to find Marvis toothpaste, which we also decided to present at the shop, and so on. The appearance of such products is a sort of personal quality label, which we are happy to share with our audience.

The same happened with South Devon Chilli Farm. Many know our passion for hot food. Proper hot food. So it's no surprise that we've accumulated a lot of experience in testing different products made from all sorts of peppers. Obviously, the most important of such products is sauce.

South Devon Chilli Farm was the first farm in the UK to specialise in the growth and production of items from all the pepper species you can find. It's located in the South-West county of Devon and was founded in the early 2000s by a few enthusiastic farmers that started by cultivating peppers and developing their methods in a home setting. Now South Devon Chilli Farm are real experts in the topic of hot peppers and have earned wide recognition both from amateurs as well as known professionals. Jamie Oliver is a longtime fan of such produce and recommends South Devon Chilli Farm as the best supplier of Chilli Pepper and its variations.

All SDCF's products are made from natural ingredients only, allowing the feel of a huge range of taste sensations that are provided by all the species of pepper. For us it is the range of tastes, not extreme spicyness, that is the main point of SDCF. We're sure that, once you try out on of their sources, you'll want to come back for more!


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