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SEX Skateboards

Our new favourite skate brand

SEX is a name of a young UK brand, that can be often seen in the media nowadays. Remember it. Literally in every article you can see Palace mentioned right after it. We say it just as a remark, not more.

The person behind the brand is ex-pro-skater Louis Slater. As any human being skaters also tend to grow up. This happened to Louis as well. Over the next few years he took up art, opened cult skate shop Slugger in Sheffield with its own well-known brand and experimented with illustrative doodles for fashion magazines.

In 2015, Slater launched his second brand — SEX, which fused together his signature scrawls and his passion for skate culture. Ironic logo captured hearts of teenagers, who wanted to annoy their parents and impress the opposite sex. To cut a long story short, it was a matter of course. Likes were everywhere. Riding the wave of skate’s success in the world of fashion, SEX immediately gained popularity.

Here is what Slater says about the skate style hype: «Everyone can wear my clothes: gay, straight, black, white, fat, thin. I don’t care whether you skate or not. There is too much bullshit and control in this industry. SEX is for everyone. If an alien comes down and decides to wear SEX tee — perfect. No one controls anything, social media is a joke and society’s views on what is acceptable are absolutely ridiculous».

The cheeky brand and his down-to-earth creator have already stolen the scene and it is likely that they will become new skate-favourite of the fashion industry.

We are grateful to Monsterparks for the assistance in the creation of this editorial.


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