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Introducing a new brand in ITK store

Let us introduce a new brand in our store — MKI MIYUKI-ZOKU, behind which stands same-name retail project from glorious Leeds city. The story of the brand began in 2010, when Vik Tailor decided to create his own concept store in the heart of Leeds. The idea was more than noble – bring to the city the latest brands, ideas and aesthetics, set up creative space for those, who are deeply into fashion. But the main emphasis is put on the own label.

The name of the brand comes from the Japanese youth group THE MIYUKI-ZOKU, which appeared in summer 1964. This group was the first in Japan to adapt to everyday looks the elements of Ivy League style. The name of the group comes from their hobby — window shopping on Miyuki street in the upscale Ginza neighborhood. The suffix “zoku” stands for subculture or group. THE MIYUKI-ZOKU — is a group of young boys and girls, numbering around 700 at the trend’s peak.

The philosophy of MKI is to create contemporary fashion at a reasonable price. And we must admit – the brand has met this challenge. Besides, it is the rare example of how the initially declared idea has come true thanks to hard everyday work and passion of the team.

Over the last few years brand has gained mass reputation among the clients and fashion experts. For example, MKI can be found in the brand list of such big retailer as END.Clothing.

Besides already mentioned advantages of the English brand, it is worth saying about the wear-ability of the garments and easiness of creating head-to-toe look.


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