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Han Kjøbenhavn

A short look at Danish brand's history

Following the recent arrivals of Han Kjøbenhavn spring / summer 16, we took a chance to look back at history of Danish brand, which skyrocketed from a three-model line of classic sunglasses back in 2008 to the Copenhagen Fashion Week’s rebellious superstars.

 Always fond of Danish design, Copenhagen-born Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith started their brand with a line of classic frames which felt strongly related to interior design and architecture. Their first foray into clothing happened a year later, when they introduced a small range of natural indigo-dyed garments. Even though the first Han Kjøbenhavn collections were in line with the huge heritage trend - think Japanese denim, army shirts and work jackets - you could already sense a taste of unique and honest vision in distinct lookbooks and short films, which featured real people instead of young and skinny models common in fashion industry.

But there is only so much you can do with silhouettes if you want your clothing to be wearable. That’s why Han Kjøbenhavn soon turned to materials and artworks as a tool to translate their ideas, which are mainly inspired by minimalist design, Danish weather and subcultural influences from suburban youth of Jannik and Tim. Fabrics became technical and aesthetics grew edgy balancing the line between streetwear and high fashion without being too serious about it. The concept remained the same though: Han Kjøbenhavn still focuses on creating affordable high-end quality garments which reflect clean and eclectic Scandinavian style.

Han Kjøbenhavn spring / summer 16 is now available online.


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