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The story behind functional sportswear brand from Denmark

HALO is a streetwear collection of Danish running brand Newline made in collaboration with Rasmus Storm, who is renowned fashion influencer with rich experience in retail and keen eye on future trends and shifts in the industry. The story of Newline started back in 1981, while Helge Petersen, at that time in the Danish military service, was hanging in a parachute and wondering why his suit was wet and the canopy still dry. The idea of making functional sportswear out of waterproof parachute fabric led him to launching a company, which catered to other brands and Special Forces until establishing its own Newline running brand in 2003.

Leading an active lifestyle, Rasmus Storm has been looking for clothing he could wear both to the gym and in the streets. Having served in the military himself, not only did Storm see Newline as an experienced sportswear manufacturer, but he also felt personal connection through common values and respect for tough military standards. Together they started HALO taking the name from military parachuting technique High Altitude Low Opening. Focusing on innovative design and perfect fit, HALO brings together sports performance and urban style with military precision and function. The result is an eclectic mix of sportswear essentials, which work just as well in the streets as they do in the gym.

HALO Season 2 is now available online.


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