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maharishi + mhi

Technical apparel for active city dwellers

Hardy Blechman, founder and Creative Director of both maharishi and its streetwear-focused sister label MHI by maharishi, was born in the family of an antique dealer, and his love for collecting things including, first, records and then military uniforms developed from early on. Its his years-long trip to Asia though, while still being a teenager, that defined his future company’s concept. You can basically feel that influence through his asymmetric fits and signature Shinobi visors inspired by Japanese and Chinese traditional costumes.

But you can’t talk about Hardy Blechman without mentioning his love for military aesthetics. Being an avid pacifist, he reinterprets military designs into contemporary garments for surviving in urban jungle, and this goes much further than just reappropriating classic silhouettes for civilian use. Back in a day, in cooperation with the Italian mill ITS Artea, the founder of which is known for designing cloths with Massimo Osti of C.P. Company and Stone Island, Hardy Blechman was the first to develop waterproof hemp cloths. The latest example is his Integrated Transit Jacket for maharishi, which is constructed from innovational Mat-Air nylon fabric by Italian mill called Serates. Being waterproof, extremely breathable and surprisingly soft to the touch, it’s the ultimate jacket for everyday city commute, when you have to constantly move between streets and offices, while on bikes and trains.

Designed and manufactured in its own factory, maharishi garments are all about function and quality you didn’t know they existed. Not only integrated cuffs with thumbhole, reflective tabs and already mentioned Shinobi visors are distinctive features rarely seen on the market, but they also are very practical in daily life. And this is what makes both maharishi and MHI by maharishi so special: they make future staples capable of so much more than your regular basics that you might be surprised you still live in 2016.


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