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Happy New Year, pals!

2015 was huge, but there is much more to come

2015 was huge! In less than nine months we have built a new store from scratch in the country we knew nothing about. Now we are shipping orders all over the world including the most remote destinations. We’ve discovered completely new brands, which are only making their first steps very much like we do. We’ve brought all those brands that we’d fallen in love over the years. Obviously we will continue to introduce new ones and, please, be sure, those will be fire.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you for all the trust and support that you show us by making orders, commenting in our social media channels, writing letters and making phone calls. We made a lot of mistakes on the way and there will be plenty more in the future. But your feedback is what makes us stronger and helps to keep moving forward. We really appreciate that. We love what we do and we know where we are going. The next year will be even more exciting for both ITK KIT and its friends. Happy New Year, pals!


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