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Introducing: Hélas

European sportswear aesthetics meets French skateboarding vibes

Just like any grown-up business plan, the idea of Hélas was born over a beer. Stephen Khou and Clément Brunel have long been thinking about making a brand that would mix European sportswear aesthetics with local skateboarding influences - something that the French kids have been doing for years. After linking up with Stephen’s childhood friend Lucas Puig who is a professional skateboarder sponsored by adidas Skateboarding and Cliché hence the perfect representation for the new brand and choosing five panel caps which were still kind of rare back in 2011 as a starting point, Hélas was born.

Inspired by the lyrics of French rapper Oxmo Puccino, Hélas means “Unfortunately” in French. This explains the umbrella logo, because you can’t go skate when it rains. With Lucas’ connections in skateboarding world, the brand quickly gained attention from the likes of Lucien Clarke known as one of Palace’s core riders and Ishod Wair, Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year 2013. Collaborations with adidas Skateboarding and Cliché didn’t take long either.

While five panel caps still play an important role in every collection, Hélas range has grown to include t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and accessories, which are simple enough to hit the streets on a skateboard, yet playful just like those European sportswear designs. For example, one of the most hyped ‘GUCCIT’ collection was more about paying homage to the luxury Italian brand rather than simply faking its logo. And this is why Hélas feels so fresh even outside skateboarding community. Because we can all relate to camaraderie, brotherhood and good vibes, no matter how terrible our kickflip skills are.

The latest Hélas FALL/WINTER 3015/3016 is available in-store and online.



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