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Technical outerwear of strong military inspiration

Plurimus is an ancient latin word which means “Many from One”. Plurimus focuses on creating technical outerwear of strong military inspiration while experimenting with the concept of modularity. The concept behind Plurimus is the one of developing “sets” instead of developing collections. The set includes a central garment (Jacket) and complimentary parts that can be worn / purchased separately from the central garment. Plurimus garments are entirely manufactured in Italy, in small numbers, using the best available fabrics and accessories.

The NO_S0 code stands for “Number Set” but also for “No Season”.  The concept of “No Season” is one of the key concepts behind the project.

The main fabric used for NO_S01 is a 230 grams Waxed Cotton, Windproof and Waterproof, durable but also capable of aging with time.


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